Are you someone who is feeling overwhelmed, anxious, lost, constantly living in an online world which is fast forgetting human connections?

Are you a parent worried about your child’s behaviour, scared at the thought of your nest getting empty soon or concerned about making the best choices for your children?

Are you an adolescent feeling confused, afraid, uncertain about the myriad of choices life is offering?

Are you someone unclear about your preferences, identity and sexuality?

Are you someone feeling left out, constrained or suffocated in a relationship?

Are you someone past the prime of life, facing retirement blues, forced into solitude in this journey of life?

Sometimes all that we need is someone to listen to us.

Someone to unburden all the inner turmoil that we hide behind the facade of a smile.

Someone to share our dreams, aspirations, fears, disappointments, uncertainties. Above all, to know that  we are not alone in this….


For all the above, Sajeeva centre for counselling & coaching is the safe space to unburden your feelings and emotions… And get more clarity about your own self… and the powers you hold….