With Cini it’s an instant connect even at the first instance. She brings to fore life’s experiences and just so wonderful to talk to. I have found in Cini a person who I can talk to without inhibitions - she’s empathetic, realistic and a above all a fabulous person!

Vinutha, Bangalore

One session with cini, would help to download my months of overthinking, confusion , mainly helped me better understand and communicate with my teenage daughter.  Cini has helped me to take myself as one of the important person in my life along with my loved ones and that is huge . She helps to understand oneself better. Definitely I recommend sajeeva counselling services is the best counselling center ...For both professional help with being your friend

Veena, Bangalore

Whenever I felt low, conversations with Cini has helped me face difficult situations with confidence, both in my personal and professional life.

I was a skeptical parent, who was so unsure when my daughter said she didn't want to pursue science after 10th, even after scoring above 90 %. Discussions with Cini helped me understand what my daughter was really interested in, and today I am a happy and proud parent whose child is doing so well in her chosen field. 
Thank you Cini!

Rekha, Kannur